Terms and conditions

Scripto Sensu SRL, Chau. de Douai 153, 7500 Tournai (Belgium)
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1. General Points

These General Terms and Conditions of Sales are applicable to all work carried out by Scripto Sensu srl for its clients.

Every order placed with Scripto Sensu srl implies unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sales by the client, who acknowledges having read and accepted them. These Terms and Conditions always take precedence over any other order or purchasing terms and conditions of the client even if they have been transmitted to Scripto Sensu srl before these Terms and Conditions have been forwarded to the client and/or they exclude application of these Terms and Conditions.

Where one party chooses not to apply these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, this does not mean that they will continue not to do so in the future.

2. Order

Orders must be placed in writing by sending a signed purchase order or details of the order, by mail, fax, e-mail or via our website www.skripto.eu.

Orders placed over the telephone must be confirmed by a correctly drafted and signed purchase order, to be sent within 48 hours of the order being placed to the following address: Scripto Sensu srl, Chau. de Douai 153, 7500 Tournai.

All quotations sent to the client by email contain a link to a web page where the client can validate the purchase order.

By placing the order, and validating the quotation, the client accepts without reservation the tariffs and General Terms and Condition of Sales of Scripto Sensu srl. In the case of cancellation of a translation order by the client, work already carried out is invoiced at 100% and a compensation charge of 50% on any remaining work to be carried out is also charged.

Any changes to an order or an invoice at the request of the client will be subject to additional invoicing of 35 EUR. Any changes to the order should be made using the same means through which the order was placed.

3. Information exchange platform

Scripto Sensu srl provides its clients with an online information exchange platform called myskriptó.

This platform provides access to files and information for the client’s translation projects and can also be used to submit quotation requests. All client access to the platform is via a secure, individual “HTTPS” connection (login and password).

The client assumes all liability for any use that is made of this platform. The client certifies that all of the information sent via this channel is accurate and holds SCRIPTO SENSU SRL free from liability for any proceedings instigated by a third party.

4. Pricing structure

In all cases a minimum tariff is applied, irrespective of the quantity of words or the volume of the translation. You are advised that all tariffs as well as the minimum tariff may be increased in the case of urgent, weekend or night work.

5. Linguistic Services

For all linguistic services, the terms and spelling stipulated in approved dictionaries shall be considered correct by Scripto Sensu srl.

Nevertheless, the client may communicate their preference in advance with regard to a more precise spelling or choice of words.

Technical texts are to be accompanied for information by reference documents provided by the client and/or illustrations or plans enabling better understanding of them. If a text contains specific internal abbreviations, the client shall be asked to communicate their meaning.

Scripto Sensu srl accepts no responsibility regarding faults in the text sent by the client. All translations are carried out in professional confidentiality, which means that Scripto Sensu srl promises never to divulge the content of either a document or price offer forming part of an order without the client’s agreement.

Under no circumstances can the company Scripto Sensu srl be required or concerned or be held morally or materially liable for any claims on the grounds of nuances of style. In particular, as regards advertising, it is only a matter of carrying out a translation and Scripto Sensu srl cannot be obliged to produce it in an advertising style different to that of the source text. The liability of Scripto Sensu srl is limited to the amount of 125,000 EUR in case of disclosure by Scripto Sensu srl or one of its subcontractors.

6. Desktop Publishing (DTP)

For DTP work, the client is obliged to provide Scripto Sensu srl with all fonts and all graphic elements contained in the original and translated documents.

7. Delivery Deadlines

The delivery deadline agreed in writing with the client only begins once Scripto Sensu srl is in possession of the source text and definitive order. If no delivery time is specified at the time of ordering, delivery will be made at the latest before the client’s usual office closing time.

In the event of late delivery (delay to the pre-established time related to a third party) and in the event that the delay is directly and exclusively associated with Scripto Sensu srl, a reimbursement shall be made to the client, to be defined between the parties, up to a maximum 33% of the value of the work which has been delivered late.

8. Delivery

Translations shall be sent by fax, by e-mail, via an FTP site, via the mySkriptó platform, by post or at the express request of the client, delivered by hand. The costs of sending by mail or courier shall be borne by the client.

Scripto Sensu srl may not be held liable for delays in transmission by fax, modem, email or other postal or terrestrial means, not under the direct control of Scripto Sensu srl.

9. Intellectual property

The client formally declares that he is the sole owner of all material sent to SCRIPTO SENSU SRL for translation. He declares that he possesses the copyright and all other intellectual property rights, or authorisation from the holders of these rights, to have the texts and documents concerned translated.

The client shall hold SCRIPTO SENSU SRL free from liability for any claims made by third parties in relation to this intellectual property and shall indemnify SCRIPTO SENSU SRL for all costs and expenses that Scripto Sensu srl may incur in dealing with third party claims, including legal costs and professional fees etc.

The client declares that he recognises and guarantees Scripto Sensu srl the copyrights for the translation produced at the client’s request. These copyrights for the translation shall be transferred to the client (subject, on the part of the client, to having obtained, where necessary, the agreement of the author) provided that the client has paid any invoice owed to Scripto Sensu srl for the translation of the document concerned as well as for any translation previously entrusted to Scripto Sensu srl.

Where payment has not been received, Scripto Sensu srl may prohibit the client, or any third parties, from using the translated documents.

The Client recognises that all of the elements of any kind that are contained in the Scripto Sensu srl website, including the structure of the website and its graphic design, are the property of Scripto Sensu srl and are protected by intellectual property law.

Scripto Sensu srl grants the Client a mere non exclusive usage right for the website in accordance with the purpose of the site. Any other use of the website constitutes infringement and shall be sanctioned by the Intellectual Property Code, unless Scripto Sensu srl has given its express, prior authorisation to such use.

10. Limitation of Liability

Scripto Sensu srl may only be held liable in the event of wilful misrepresentation or gross misconduct.

Furthermore, any possible liability of Scripto Sensu srl and indemnity owed to the client in this respect, in any event, notwithstanding the preceding and subject to fraud, shall be limited to EUR 125,000.

Under no circumstances shall Scripto Sensu srl be held liable for indirect damage or loss relating to the client or third parties. This type of damage or loss does not directly arise from a fault on the part of Scripto Sensu srl. The term indirect damage or loss includes but is not limited to, any loss of profits, loss of savings, loss of clientele, loss of contracts, loss of earnings, loss of time, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, or loss or damage of data, whether contractual, extra-contractual or other.

Scripto Sensu srl may not be held liable for:

It is therefore specified in particular that any maintenance work carried out on the website may disrupt access to and/or the functioning of the website. In any event, the Client acknowledges that it has been made aware of the technical uncertainties inherent in the Internet and the interrupted access that may result from this work. Scripto Sensu srl may not be held liable for any unavailability or slowdown of the website.

Translation of a text whose content may be be offensive to sensitivities, culture, religion (this list is not exhaustive) or which may be considered as libel or defamation.

The client is solely responsible for the content of the material involved in any translation and shall hold Scripto Sensu srl harmless from any proceedings instigated by third parties in relation to the translated content.

Any loss of data by the client, where such loss is not due to gross misconduct on the part of Scripto Sensu srl. The client alone shall be responsible for the content of the documents and files sent to Scripto Sensu srl for translation.

Without having to justify his position or owing the client any damages, Scripto Sensu srl may refuse to translate content which is, in the opinion of Scripto Sensu srl, contrary to public order or morality or likely to:

11. Consumer

Exclusively where the client can be considered as a “consumer” in the sense of the Belgian Code of Economic Law or any other Belgian legislation (physical person residing in Belgium and acting for strictly private and non-professional purposes), the client benefits from the right to withdrawal: within 14 days of any order made remotely, the consumer is entitled to withdraw by notifying Scripto Sensu srl, by registered letter sent by post, unambiguously, of his desire to withdraw and cancel his order.

This right to withdrawal ceases to exist if the client has expressly requested that Scripto Sensu srl carry out a translation prior to the expiration date of the withdrawal period.

Where the client can be considered as a consumer, and in the event of the order being cancelled owing to a fault on the part of Scripto Sensu srl, the client may claim an indemnity of 10% of the amount which would have been owed by the client if the translation ordered had been carried out.

12. Personal Data – Privacy Protection

The Client is informed that, pursuant to the Law of 8 December 1992 (Privacy Law), the collection and processing of personal data relating to the Client is required to create an account as well as for the processing and tracking of his order, the after-sales service for Translation Services that have been ordered, marketing and client relationship management of his User Account.

Scripto Sensu srl is responsible for and the recipient of the processing of personal data. Scripto Sensu srl undertakes to use the personal data exclusively for the purposes specified in the previous paragraph and not to communicate this data to any third parties.

Pursuant to the Law, the Client has the right to access, correct or oppose the processing of any data relating to him. The Client may exercise his rights by registered letter sent to: Scripto Sensu srl, rue Cheny 3A à B-7536 Vaulx (Belgium)

The Client alone is responsible for the obligations that may be incumbent upon him as owing to the processing of any personal data that he carries out as part of the resale or use of the translations purchased from SCRIPTO SENSU SRL. SCRIPTO SENSU SRL shall never be held liable in this respect.

13. Payments / Disputes

The invoices of Scripto Sensu srl are payable in Euros, except if otherwise formally agreed.

Scripto Sensu srl reserves the right to require a 50% deposit before the start of any project whose amount is equal to or exceeds €3000 excluding VAT.

Any collection or dispute charges are always the responsibility of the client and the acceptance of bills of exchange does not imply any novation.

Where payment has not been received by the due date, any amount owed to Scripto Sensu srl shall be, ipso jure and without formal notification, increased by late payment interest at a rate of 1% (one percent) per month, each month commenced being considered as expired, in addition to a fixed and irreducible indemnity corresponding to 10% of the amounts owed, of a minimum of €150 per unpaid invoice. All this without prejudice to Scripto Sensu srl ‘s right to claim compensation covering the full amount of the loss if this is greater, including for infringement of Scripto Sensu srl’s copyrights.

In the event of late payment, orders in progress may be suspended. The client shall be responsible for paying for any translations carried out up until the time of the suspension.

In the event of non-payment, any representation or reproduction, in part or in whole of the aforementioned translation is prohibited, under penalty of violation of Scripto Sensu srl’s copyrights.

Objections relating to translations or invoices must be communicated at the latest within 7 working days from the date of the invoice, by registered letter with a copy by fax; by default, the translation and invoice will be deemed to have been accepted.

In the event of dissatisfaction on the part of the client, i.e. in the event of a complaint made within the pre-established time limits, complaints or objections relating to the non-conformity of the translation, carried out within the contractual deadline, must be substantiated in detail by reference to dictionaries, glossaries or equivalent texts drawn up by native speakers.

Scripto Sensu srl shall nonetheless remain the sole judge of the pertinence of such objections. Under no circumstances can faults in a part of the translation bring into question the work as a whole. Scripto Sensu srl reserves the right to make amendments. A complaint will not extend any payment deadline.

14. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

All relations between Scripto Sensu srl and its clients are subject to Belgian law.
Only the French text of these General Terms and Conditions shall be legally binding.

Where this text contradicts any translated version in another language, only the French text shall provide proof of the parties’ wishes.

All disputes concerning the existence and/or the (non) execution of an order are the concern of the exclusive competence of the Tournai division of the Hainaut courts, including the courts being in summary session. Only Belgium law is applicable in these circumstances.