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A bespoke approach to your multi-lingual events. Interpreting is a profession in its own right, quite different from translation.

skriptó helps you to decide what sort of interpreting is best suited to your needs

Simultaneous interpreting
For your large-scale meetings and conferences.

Consecutive interpreting
For your business visits, technical visits, seminars, works councils and negotiations.

Whispered interpreting
For your individual or diplomatic meetings and small group negotiations.

Hire of interpreting equipment

skriptó provides you with the technology necessary to make your small meetings and big international conferences a success.

  • Systems for conferences
  • Cabins
  • Microphones
  • Heating
  • Consoles
  • Overhead projectors
  • Projection screens, and so on.

skriptó uses Bosch DCN digital systems: high-quality technical equipment, guaranteed to be reliable.

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