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Legal translation requires a high level of specialisation and accurate terminology.

That’s why we work with linguists who have extensive experience in this field and are familiar with the standards and correct terminology.

Legal translation covers a wide area and includes different types of documents:

  • Online content;
  • Certification and legislation;
  • Pleadings;
  • Contracts;
  • Arrangements;
  • Due diligence reports;
  • Marketing materials;
  • And so on.


We deliver accurate, timely and professional translations for all types of documents: contracts, annual reports, judgments, legal disputes and all types of civil status certificates.

We focus on your needs

In addition to an in-depth knowledge of the field, this type of translation requires confidentiality and security, which we guarantee on the basis of our procedures, technology, confidentiality agreements and our professionalism naturally.

Professional service

Every member of the skriptó team works hard to deliver a reliable service while meeting deadlines. Our approach incorporates a quick response, cost control and proactive communication.


You will benefit from our long-established personalised touch. We develop a long-term vision with our clients that can sometimes lead to a framework agreement.

We work in partnership across the board, seeking to implement the best solutions to ensure that your multi-lingual content opens up new markets for you.

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