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Several studies show that in order to reach 96% of the online population in 2030, companies will have to localise their content into nearly 60 languages.

On top of that, we are seeing a rapid increase in source formats and communications channels. Artificial intelligence has also burst into the world of translation. As to the amount of content to translate, it has increased exponentially.

Learn about the methodology we use to reap the benefits of these developments and guarantee your satisfaction for every project.


Matching the resources, tools and processes to each order.

At skriptó, your project manager takes nothing for granted. He or she checks and analyses every project step by step and from different perspectives, leaving nothing to chance.

The result: your satisfaction with every order.

Points to consider during the analysis

  • Client instructions
  • Type of content
  • Target audience
  • Technicality
  • Familiar terminology, or not
  • Particular stylistic requirements
  • Aspects to be localised
  • Optimised drafting for the translation
  • Particular points to consider and tools needed for the source format
  • Pre-translation optimisation of the layout
  • Deadlines
  • Deciding on the project steps and resources (translators and technological solutions)


Specialising in multiple fields, skriptó produces translations in more than 50 languages. Constant recruitment and assessment of hundreds of translators located across the world is the passion of our Vendor Manager, who works together with project managers and sales managers to set up pools of preferred translators for each client and language pair.

The translator pools are regularly assessed and adjusted according to our clients’ changing needs.

For example, to translate its specification sheets an industrial client will be allocated a technical pool of translators for each language pair. But to translate its patents, we will use translators from another pool who specialise in this area.

This approach allows us to guarantee scalable capacity and outstanding work, as we always have several translators with expertise in the subject area on hand to translate your content.


skriptó uses high-performance methods that efficiently meet all the challenges we receive from our clients. Our technology packages are chosen on the basis of the following priorities:

  1. Ease of communication management
    • They facilitate professional, effective communication
    • Reduce the possibility of communication mistakes
    • Guarantee transparency
    • Encrypt project data once only, before they appear on the quotation, order, translator jobs, invoices and any report requested
  2. Terminology management and translation memories
    • Fully integrated terminology and translation memories linked strictly to the client.
    • The assurance that any well-known concept will be used correctly in your content
    • Maximum reuse of existing translations
    • An easy-to-use interface for your own reviewers
    • More than 70 source formats handled
    • Improved quality and lower costs

Quality management

At skriptó, your translation projects are in safe hands.

Carrying out a simple post-translation quality check is not enough for us. Effective communication with the client, a detailed analysis and selection of the translators, as well as applying style guides and the most appropriate technological solutions to the project, means we can reduce the time spent on proof reading.

skriptó quality control depends on more than 30 criteria for every project. While we take note of current standards, we go substantially further than their recommendations by aligning all project phases with the agreed target, from the first contact with the client to the ensuing analysis.

Furthermore, in the quality control phase, we include any criteria that you consider to be important.

Would you like your translations to be signed off by your distributors or other reviewers in a different country? We will provide you with a bilingual file in an internationally used format.

In the file, already validated translations and terms are marked in grey, so that your reviewers can see immediately which parts still need validating. The file lets you update the translation memory at once and deliver the translation without further delay.

The result? A translation that gives complete satisfaction to every user.

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