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Case studies

Three of our oldest clients who work in the electronics industry decided to join forces and capacity to form an umbrella organisation. They share the same name and intend to become a single point of contact for their industry.

In this case study we will see how the partnership with skriptó enabled them to consolidate this shared identity.

The objectives

The company needed to find a provider capable of dealing with different translations, ranging from technical documents to the minutes of meetings and including both internal and external communications, as well as more legal texts.

Furthermore, the merger meant that they needed to find a single format for the three partners’ messages in order to increase their impact. The translations therefore had to be part of this objective and reflect the shared vision as much as possible.

The challenge

For the most part the communications are aimed at external partners, so they need to transmit the umbrella organisation’s message and vision.

Hence they soon realised it was essential to keep a coherent message across all three partners in order to help them grow. They also needed to simplify project management, even though each entity kept its own administrative staff.

The skriptó solution

skriptó put together a pool of translators who specialised in electronics, appropriate to the three clients. In addition, the group was supported by one reviewer per language whose role consisted in standardising the translations to ensure their consistency.

We also set up a shared term base to increase uniformity and SEO optimisation.

Finally, every person who placed orders was given their own access to our portal to avoid any mistakes in assignment and relieve clients of the administrative burden associated with invoicing.

The results

Once the writings have been harmonized regardless of the ordering entity, communication to partners in the three organizations has therefore been significantly improved. This has contributed to the increase in affiliations of companies represented by the organization.

An added benefit was that this system greatly improved their referencing and hence their visibility on the internet.

By keeping each organisation’s administration separate with regards to invoicing, the companies no longer had to worry about administrative details and could take as long as they needed to get the best outcome in the communication phase.

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